As a Sacramento native, I have never felt such a sense of pride and unity as I did while attending V-Day Sacramento’s event One Night Stand. Thank you so much for providing a safe space filled with only love and acceptance. The open mic showcased such beautiful talent that was as diverse as its audience, ranging from laughter to tears of pain and inspiration. To make the night even more magical, the appetizers and drinks that were being served were delightful. V-Day Sacramento, thank you for all you do for our community and putting together a night to remember!

On a sidenote, speaking from having hosting comedy shows, Grace really is a fantastic host. The ability to keep the flow of the show going and the attention of the crowd between each act really was remarkable. I struggle at comedy shows when there’s one type of entertainment and one thing going on. So from a performer’s perspective, the show part of it (overall) really was so great. Thank you again!

Diana Hong

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